Sterling Not Affected by criticism

Sterling Not Affected by criticism

Sterling Not Affected by criticism

Liverpool – Raheem Sterling later into the spotlight in the midst of controversy and speculation about his future. But it did not affect focus is called Sterling.

The future of Sterling in Liverpool became speculation after he reportedly already rejected the offer of a new contract with a salary of 100 thousand pounds per week. The number of calls is not big enough.

Controversy and attention following the release of photos Sterling being sucked shisha. The matter has not subsided, 20-year-old player was later caught on camera being stoned after inhaling nitrous oxide or laughing gas used in anesthesia and pain relief in medicine.

A series of controversies that make the future of Sterling at Anfield a question mark. But the England international was confirmed when criticism comes not disturb the focus to end the season well.

“Everyone has an opinion about me today, but I was just a kid who loves to play ball and try to evolve every day and be the best as possible,” Sterling said as quoted by ESPN FC.

“It makes the left ear and right ear out. I do not really read anything, did not see anything, and for me, this all is football. I really focused on doing the best for this club.”

“I’m just taking my steps and hopefully in the last few games, until the end of the season, I was able to start again. I am still learning and growing, so only time will tell,” he said.