Call Rodgers Goal Balotelli Should Not disallowed

Call Rodgers Goal Balotelli Should Not disallowed

Call Rodgers Goal Balotelli Should Not disallowed

London – Liverpool have to forget the dream of playing in the final of the FA Cup after a 1-2 defeat of Aston Villa in the semi-finals. In a match that took place at Wembley on Sunday (19/4), the one belonging to the Reds goal disallowed.

Liverpool had superior first goal by Philippe Coutinho in the 30th minute. However, Villa reverse the situation through Christian Benteke scored in the 36th minute and Fabian Delph in the 54th minute.

In the 87th minute, in the circumstances behind 1-2, Liverpool could get a chance through Mario Balotelli. The chance was settled by Balotelli kick right-footed from inside the penalty box and the ball into the net.

However, the linesman raised his flag before Balotelli scored the ball into the goal. He considered, Balotelli was caught offside when he received a long ball from the back.

Call Rodgers Goal Balotelli

Though visible from the rebroadcast that Balotelli is in a position onside. It is seen that the fullback on the right side of the Villa defense stood deeper than Balotelli, making the Italian striker position was safe.

“It was a bad decision,” Rodgers said as quoted by the BBC.

“The linesman who saw in the field should know that they make Balotelli onside fullback around the yard.”

However, Rodgers did not want to complain of the referee’s decision. He actually judge, his team played too passive throughout the game.

“Our opportunities through a header (Steven) Gerrard also be driven on the line. But, apart from that, we were too passive,” said Rodgers.