Arsenal is now in the Upper City, Sagna Not Regret Hengkang

Arsenal is now in the Upper City, Sagna Not Regret Hengkang

Arsenal is now in the Upper City, Sagna Not Regret Hengkang

Manchester – Bacary Sagna not regret having to leave Arsenal and join Manchester City. He was dogged by his decision, although Arsenal are now more shiny than the City.

After seven seasons in uniform Arsenal, Sagna moved to City in the summer of last year for free. French defender was left ‘Gunner’ because it did not reach agreement on a new contract.

Sagna is a top choice right-back position while still at Arsenal. But, he did not get the predicate in the City. He is more often a backup because it was unable to displace Pablo Zabaleta.

Sagna is almost certainly not going to win a trophy in his first season at City. The Citizens currently scattered in the ranking fourth Premier League standings, trailed by 12 points from Chelsea, with five games remaining. In other competitions, the City has fallen.

Arsenal fate that has left Sagna even better. The Gunners are now sitting in second. Selalin, they also qualified for the final of the FA Cup and have a chance to defend the title.

When asked whether he regretted his move to City, Sagna shook his head.

“No, not at all,” he told the Mirror.

“I heard a lot of comments from fans, who said I should stay at Arsenal. But, if I had to do it again, if I had to go back and sign a contract with the City, I would do it again,” he continued.

Sagna until now only appeared in 16 games with the City. Related to the lack of time playing in the City, 32-year-old defender admitted he was not surprised.

“I used to play in every game at Arsenal and here I suspect a good competition because we have some top players,” he said.

“Here, the squad is very large. So, I’ve been predicting a situation like this. I’ve been predicting will be rotated and what happened. So, I am not surprised,” said Sagna.