Kompany Reportedly Arguing with Fernandinho

Kompany Reportedly Arguing with Fernandinho

Kompany Reportedly Arguing with Fernandinho

Manchester – Vincent Kompany just so reserve as Manchester City host Leicester City last week. Reportedly, Manuel Pellegrini took this decision because Kompany quarreled with Fernandinho at Anfield.

A number of British media claims that Kompany and Fernandinho fight in the locker room when the City Anfield Liverpool’s visit to the headquarters in the 27th week of the Premier League in early March. Quarrels between the two players going on at halftime.

The incident reportedly began shortly after the players City to Anfield in the locker room after the first half. That’s where Fernandinho started warns Kompany to be more careful and focus in the second half.

Not without reason Fernandinho warned the captain. Because Jordan Henderson scored early in the first round was not free from errors Kompany. The goal was born from attacks initiated Kompany imperfections in the control of the ball pass from Fernandinho.

Kompany reportedly not received warned by his team mate. Both are necessarily involved a hot argument that should dilerai by his teammates others.

Pellegrini attempt to quell the commotion between the two players was also reportedly did not produce results. Similarly, as proclaimed Mirror.

In the end, City home with a 1-2 defeat of Anfield. The result left them five points behind Chelsea in the standings board.

As a result of the incident, Kompany was played and just be a backup when the 2-0 win over Leicester City. While Fernandinho absolutely nothing in the squad list.