Mourinho: Cuadrado Takes Time, Not ‘Panic Buying’ Chelsea

Mourinho: Cuadrado Takes Time, Not ‘Panic Buying’ Chelsea

Mourinho: Cuadrado Takes Time, Not 'Panic Buying' Chelsea

London – Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has warned fans not to direct further demands or have sky-high expectations of new recruits Juan Cuadrado he calls still takes time. Mourinho also dismissed the notion Cuadrado was a panic buy.

Cuadrado joined Chelsea were recruited from Fiorentina, with Mohamed Salah left Stamford Bridge to be loaned to the Italian club. For Cuadrado, the Blues should be issued 23.3 million pounds, which at a later value can go up to 26.8 million pounds, in accordance with the clause-klasul in the agreement between the two clubs.

Mourinho indicate 26 year old Colombian international player it will not be directly played on the weekend when visited Aston Villa on Saturday (07/02/2015), due to lack of time to adapt to his new teammates.

“I do not think the best thing to talk expectations of him. It took him like any other player. He’ll get it,” said Mourinho told the London Evening Standard.

“He rehearsed for two days so I can not talk long (about whether he was ready to direct play). Transfer occurs almost at the last minute on Monday and then he had to go to Paris for a visa and a legal case on Tuesday so I do not can talk a lot, “he said.

There is an assumption that Cuadrado is “panic buying” of Chelsea as happened towards the close of the winter transfer. Mourinho dismissed the notion that once expressed his satisfaction for the transfer activity ‘The Blue’ which at the same time removing Andre Schuerrle to Wolfsburg with a value of 22 million pounds.

“It was not a panic buying, it is the reaction of (departure) Schuerrle. He is a player that we know for a long time. I’ve coached in his league (Serie A) for two seasons, I can see it week in week out and we were pleased with our business. Schuerrle is a player that we liked but business is very very good and we were happy about it, “said Mourinho.

When asked further whether he harbored regret with respect to Schuerrle, who had to leave Chelsea only within a period of 18 months after imported from Bayer Leverkusen, Mourinho also denied emphatically.

“No, we were happy with what he has given us. We are happy with the investment we’ve done 1.5 years ago and advantages that we make in this transfer window. Hopefully we’ve made her a better player and hopefully he gets success in the future because we are deeply loved, “said Mourinho.