Sterling is not Golden Boy, but Must be Preserved

Sterling is not Golden Boy, but Must be Preserved

Sterling is not Golden Boy, but Must be Preserved

Liverpool Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling became a hero when compensate for Chelsea in the English League Cup last night. He appears more fresh because it is guarded by Brendan Rodgers.

In the match at Anfield Stadium, Liverpool left earlier by Eden Hazard scored a penalty in the 18th minute Sterling became the savior through his goal in the 59th minute, and the game ended with a score of 1-1.

The 20-year-old player had the ball from the middle of the pitch and speed almost beat John Obi Mikel and Nemanja Matic. He also managed to outwit Gary Cahill before the ball into the goal mencocor Thibaut Courtois.

We can see, he may be fresh not only physically but also mentally. In a career that is still early he already has so much baggage. No doubt, he outstanding young talent,” said Reds manager Brendan Rodgers, according game.

Rodgers has decided that Sterling should be protected. Too much pressure at a very young age is something to watch out for. That is why recently Rodgers gave a dispensation to Sterling for a trip to the land of his ancestors, Jamaica, and absent in a league match against Sunderland.

“If I was selfish, I might want him to continue with me at every minute of it, because he really is brilliant. But I have to think about the long term these children to Liverpool,” said Rodgers menjelasan reason he gave leave” Sterling to Jamaica.

It’s a matter of life and career of this child,” said the manager told Sky Sports. People will continue to talk about this, but I just feel worried at this kid.”

In this season Sterling has played in 30 games in all competitions and scored 7 goals. In the last season he took to the field as much as 38 times in all competitions.