Never Can opportunities, Podolski Attack Wenger

Never Can opportunities, Podolski Attack Wenger

Never Can opportunities, Podolski Attack Wenger

Milan Career Lukas Podolski in Arsenal faded as he did not get a chance to play a lot of Arsene Wenger. This also makes the separation of both did not go well.

Purchased from Cologne in the summer of 2012, Podolski is expected to be the foundation of Arsenal in the front lines. However, the opposite happened because Podolski never really performance capabilities there.

In addition because of the position of play, which is placed in the left wing, there is also a rotation system in force Wenger to the front players. Moreover, the presence of Olivier Giroud and Danny Welbeck made a diminished chance of the game.

This season he has appeared 12 times in all competitions and made three goals, with only 364 minutes of playing time! Never once did she become a starter in the Premier League and only once he plays, while Arsenal‘s 4-1 win over Galatasaray.

In the game Podolski appears okay with the donation of two goals, but in the next game he did not even play. This is what makes Podolski increasingly upset because they feel Wenger never give him more opportunities for performance capabilities.

Thus the German national team striker decided to move to Inter Milan on loan until the end of the season, in order to seek assurance starter in the first team.

He did not say anything to me. He did not call me or just say goodbye. I do not need flowers or a kiss from him,” Podolski said in the Telegraph.

It’s a matter of respect, about saying goodbye. To me a sense of respect is important. Maybe she’s another problem with me,” he continued.

If I was given the opportunity to play in five or 10 games in a row and playing very, very bad, and I can say: Okay it‘s only fair, I was not good enough.” Thus an attacker who make 31 goals from 81 appearances in all competitions for Arsenal it.