Koeman Upset Soton Must Undergo Deuteronomy Party

Koeman Upset Soton Must Undergo Deuteronomy Party

Koeman Upset Soton Must Undergo Deuteronomy Party

Southampton Southampton just picking a 1-1 draw when host Ipswich Town in the FA Cup third round. As a result the game replicates must be lived and Soton manager, Ronald Koeman, admitted to not like it.

Entertaining Ipswich, teams from the Championship at St.Mary’s Stadium on Sunday (01/04/2015) night, Soton hassles. Although ESPN noted statistically The Saints ahead, but the fact they actually missed it first.

Soton dominant in possession of 61% -39%. They recorded five shots on target from 12 attempts, where the opponent just launched a three shot on target from six experiments.

Ipswich in fact able to advance the lead through Darren Ambrose in the 19th minute. Morgan Scneiderlin bring Soton equalized, but then no other goal that sealed the win.

Koeman admitted personally did not think the party should undergo a replay because they feel has lowered the best team. Now his team had to carry out the next three games with a visit to the headquarters of the opponent, starting with Manchester United (11/1), the game replicates in Ipswich (17/1), then Newcastle United (17/1).

We had to undergo a repeat of the game and it was not something I expected. Am I upset? Of course, because we could not make a lot of changes in the team and I do not really like to do a lot of changes,” said Koeman told the BBC.

I believe the strongest team play. What will happen in the next week we do not understand. We have to play three tough away games and we‘ll see what happens,” he added.

Ipswich has an incredible passion, 5,000 fans support their team and this game is their focus completely. I had previously worried about this game and the final results showed that since we started with careless. It is very difficult to change it,” said he.

Besides determined to keep moving in the FA Cup, Soton also working to keep pace in the Premier League. Currently, Graziano Pelle et al. middle ranks fourth in the standings behind Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United.