Know Will Rarely So Starter, Gerrard Go

Know Will Rarely So Starter, Gerrard Go

Know Will Rarely So Starter, Gerrard Go

Liverpool Steven Gerrard revealed the main reason to go from Liverpool. Is the lack of opportunity to play so starter underlying Gerrard decided to end his tenure at the club.

After 17 years at the club that still be the only professional club in his career, Gerrard decided not to extend his contract with The Red’ which will expire tomorrow summer.

The decision was very surprising given the 34-year player so synonymous with Liverpool. Moving of talented young players, and players mainstay of the club, the club captain to be an icon, it describes who was Gerrard.

So naturally, if a lot of fans who lamented that the club’s decision simply remove the captain’s departure, although the manager, Brendan Rodgers admits Liverpool have tried as much as possible so as not to leave hold Gerrard.

Then in an interview with Liverpool TV, Sunday (04/01/2015) pm dawn, Gerrard revealed the reason to leave the club is because Rodgers can not guarantee no place in the first team.

For Rodgers had said at the beginning of the season that he would begin to limit the time to play Gerrard, given the age of the players plus their performance is considered to be declining. Statistics Squawka record of 17 Premier League matches in which Gerrard played this season, only six times the Anfield Gank achieve full points.

“The moment the key is is when the manager asked me to sit both recently and said that this time limit bermainku time,” Gerrard said as quoted by the Telegraph.

I’m smart enough to realize that it is something that is right for everyone, but when you‘ve often be a starter and was at a club for so long, a very difficult conversation with the manager,” he continued.

I accept it and will continue to provide that I have, whether it be as a starter, as a substitute or anything, but the conversation that’s what made me think of going.”

I’ve been thinking that this conversation is going to happen one day, but it really hurts it feels and that’s what mendasariku to go karen also some things that happened last 6-12 months. But most important is the conversation that was it,” he .