Happy at Liverpool, Balotelli Strive Prove Yourself

Happy at Liverpool, Balotelli Strive Prove Yourself

Happy at Liverpool, Balotelli Strive Prove Yourself

Liverpool – never improved appearance makes Mario Balotelli sidelined Liverpool, fueling speculation about his future. But Balotelli happy in the team confirmed and is working hard to prove themselves.

Since imported from AC Milan in the summer of last year, Balotelli has not been able to show his best performances. 18 matches passed, only two goals scored during it.

Unsatisfactory performance that makes managers ‘The Red’, Brendan Rodgers, decided to pull off the player. He wants 24-year-old striker work harder in practice and prove yourself.

The decision is then triggered speculation on the future of Balotelli. Larena not much can be a chance to appear, he called to find a way out of Merseyside. A number of clubs were called meminatinya, among others, Napoli and Lazio. But this is disputed by the player’s agent, Mino Raiola, who called his client is still at home in Liverpool.

“Yes, he is happy at Liverpool. No one likes sidelined but he reacted in a professional manner,” he told Sky Sports.

“We did not ask to leave. It’s too early, with the existing injury, to ask away in January. No big deal. He is adapting to a new style that prompted the manager. We’ll see later in the summer,” he continued.

Balotelli himself had just recovered from a hamstring injury. Injury is also a time to make lay him ahead of his move to Liverpool last year.

Brought in to replace the figure of Luis Suarez who moved to Barcelona, Ghana blooded Italian striker was in the end unable to meet the expectations of fans of Liverpool. But Raiola insists the two are different players figure, while calling the players need time to adjust to the new game style.

“They are different players. Liverpool know it and people need to understand he is not Suarez. Mario needs to adapt and Liverpool, too,” said Raiola.

“He was at the time of injury and move to a big club. Mario will conquer these difficulties and become a better player. Then it’s up to Brendan Rodgers to give it a chance,” said the agent who also handles Paul Pogba and the Zlatan Ibrahimovic.