Until When Survive Only Rely De Gea, the ‘Red Devils’?

Until When Survive Only Rely De Gea, the ‘Red Devils‘?

Until When Survive Only Rely De Gea, the 'Red Devils'?

Manchester Emergence David De Gea as man of the match in the game against Liverpool showed that their back line solidsolid yet very. The question is, until when they would like it?

After the match, Robin van Persie, who scored United’s third goal in the game recognizes that De Gea appear extraordinary. He also smiled when asked if the fair when a goalkeeper be man of the match in his team won the match by a score of 3-0.

Of statistical records, brilliance De Gea is indisputable. Nine attempts on target owned by Liverpool in the game all raw in his hands.

However, with the amount released from Liverpool kick in the penalty box United, deserves the spotlight is directed to the back row. United’s defenders often face the hassles fast players like Raheem Sterling or passes breakthrough directed to the empty space around the penalty box.

It is not only visible in the game against Liverpool, but also in the match against Arsenal a few weeks ago, in which the Gunners also had players quickly sort Alexis Sanchez, Danny Welbeck, until Alex OxladeChamberlain.

In addition, positioning the United defender also often do not fit. Take for example when Sterling freely ball when the center flanked by two players or Mario Balotelli who freely release the kick from inside the penalty box when there are still around defenders. Balotelli kick then ignored De Gea, hit the post, and driven by other United player.

We did control the game. However, if only Liverpool maximize one‘s chances, everything could be another,” said United midfielder Michael Carrick, on the official club website.