Could December So point Rejects ‘The Red’ in Time Season?

Could December So point Rejects ‘The Redin Time Season?

Could December So point Rejects 'The Red' in Time Season?

Jakarta The best month of December to Liverpool in the Premier League this season. Worth awaited whether it will be able to be used as the momentum of rise in the rest of the season.

Status runnerup last season, the Reds started the season with less okay. Just picked up two wins, one draw and three defeats in six games early even make Liverpool was ranked 12th in the standings struggling.

However, in this December dense Liverpool just as it starts to find its footing. Eight action undertaken, in particular the six parties in the Premier League and produced 3 wins, 2 draws and one defeat (11 points out of a maximum of 18 points). Given their work in the past month, December is the best month of Liverpool in the Premier League this season.

Compare it with the following notes. In August and September, Anfield Gank only make 2 wins, 1 draw, 3 less than six Premier League party. In October, The Red’ reap 2 wins and 1 draw from three matches at the event. While in November, Liverpool instead can only carve 1 win and 3 times less than four Premier League party.

In the last two or three weeks the level of performance we‘ve been closer to our best level in 18 months before the trip,” Rodgers said on Liverpool’s official website webpage.

Indeed, the results of this month can not mengatrol Liverpool into the top five rankings while Brendan Rodgers made the team ended 2014 in the top eight of the Premier League standings. However, at least there is hope to step on the gas in the second half thanks to a positive indication in December.

Yet in the same month last year was Liverpool can only reap 12 points in the Premier League, something similar to this year, and closed in 2013 ranked fifth. But after the turn of the year Steven Gerrard et al were able to create momentum okay and undergo uphill curve. Stably stairs standings in each week continued to climb, without ever descending, and controls the position of the first of the week 32 to 37 although ultimately only finish second. This momentum that will undoubtedly try to be repeated.

Tonight we dared to show the intensity and hard work in the game and we get the result. Creativity is evident tonight, but behind it there is also a solid foundation that’s the key for us to move forward,” said Rodgers after victory 4- 1 over Swansea City, Tuesday (12/30/2014) pm dawn.