City Got a training center worth Rp 3.8 T, Defeat Madrid & Barcelona

City Got a training center worth Rp 3.8 T, Defeat Madrid & Barcelona

City Got a training center worth Rp 3.8 T, Defeat Madrid & Barcelona

Manchester We are building a structure for the future, not just a team of star players.” Six years after the purchase of Manchester City, Sheikh Mansour prove his point by building a super swanky training center.

Management Manchester City gave him the name of Etihad Campus. Basically it is a super swanky training center with facilities not only incomplete but also luxurious. To build it, the Citizens poured funds amounting to Rp 3.8 trillion.

I’ve never seen anything like this. I came here with the Argentine national team for a friendly match with Portugal last month and all the players were impressed with this even Lionel Messi,” said Pablo Zabalate, City players who purchased the day before the club acquired Sheikh Mansour.

City to develop the joint training center of Manchester City Council, where the deal has been achieved since the club was taken over in 2008. From the previous location is a chemical factory, now stands a variety of modern football facility.

Some of the major facilities that will be enjoyed Sergio Aguero et al and players academy City is 16.5 outdoor practice field, an indoor field with artificial turf, an auditorium with 56 seats dilengkap tv so players can do analias game using video recordings, accommodation four-star and academy stadium that can accommodate 7,000 spectators.

Mentioned lost 2/3 of all facilities in the Etihad Campus is dedicated to the development of young players. It is also in line with the City‘s plan to build a club that can generate its own players.

City also field remote’ walled so that players can train undisturbed kick the ball off the wind. Start now City also have greater privacy and will not worry the training is interrupted or camera reporter might spy and the public after 2,000 trees were planted around the arena.