Balanced Juve Sampdoria in Turin

Balanced Juve Sampdoria in Turin

Balanced Juve Sampdoria in Turin

Turin Juventus had to settle for an additional one point when the host Sampdoria. Goals from Patrice Evra in the first half rewarded Manolo Gabbiadini in the second half to produce the final score 1-1.

At Juventus Stadium on Sunday (12/14/2014) night, the Bianconeri took the lead when Evra goalkeeper Il Samp were escorted by Sergio Romero.

After that Romero several times action saves a barrage of threats the penggawa La Vecchia Signora. The action was successfully keeping up Sampdoria were finally able to equalize in the 51st minute through Gabbiadini.

With the addition of the figures in giornata 15 that Juve are now collecting 36 points at the top. Old Lady’ could increasingly affixed AS Roma who now has 32 points and had undergone 14 games. These results also make Juve have passed the last three games in all competitions with a draw two in Serie A and the Champions League.

Meanwhile Sampdoria are now collecting 26 points. Raihan also owned Lazio equivalent of 15 new games and Genoa will undergo giornata 15 of his party to face Roma at 21:00 pm later. The three teams that occupy the top three to five board Serie A

The game

Juventus directly threatened when the game has been running for four minutes. Carlos Tevez opened fire, forcing goalkeeper Sergio Romero rescue action.