Xavi: Suarez Will Make a Difference in Barca

Xavi: Suarez Will Make a Difference in Barca

Taruhan Bola Online Xavi convinced Barcelona‘s decision to bring in Luis Suarez is very precise. Xavi confident Suarez will make a difference in the Blaugrana.

Barca digaet Suarez from Liverpool last summer for a fee of 81 million euros. But, he did not directly defend bia his new club because still serving a sentence of FIFA.

Once the sentence is completed, Suarez diving debut in uniform Barca on 25 October last. Until now, Suarez has played four games with Barca; three in La Liga and the Champions League. However, not a single goal was born from the Premier League‘s top scorer last season.

Although not yet contributed a goal, Suarez showed his contributions in other forms. He later became creators diligent enough goals for other players. Suarez has been noted that creates three assists.

I already know Luis Suarez through Gabri (former Barca player who is now a part of the team coach). I think he is an incredible person and I think he can make a difference alone,” said Xavi told BBC Sport.

He dribbled past two or three players alone. It was hard to find in today’s football game,” he continued.

He is a natural leader and a very fun in the locker room. I think this is an outstanding purchase and he will certainly make a difference,” said Xavi.

The presence of Suarez makes Barca had a very scary front line. Previously, they already have two other world-class attacker in self Lionel Messi and Neymar.

It is a luxury to have them at the club and we have to maximize it,” said Xavi.