Welbeck Perfect for Arsenal

Welbeck Perfect for Arsenal

Welbeck Perfect for Arsenal

Agen Casino Sbobet Danny Welbeck was born and raised in Manchester, until he became a Manchester United player. However, Mikel Arteta calls Welbeck actually more suited to Arsenal.

Welbeck was born in Longsight, Manchester, 24 years ago. He then entered the United academy and pursue a path to eventually penetrate the main team. The presence of a local-born players in the team seems to certainly make fans happy local United.

But Welbeck did not always play for United. The arrival of Louis van Gaal as new coach ‘Red Devils’ make Welbeck frozen. Van Gaal has no Welbeck reasoned that the standard they want, such as Wayne Rooney or Robin van Persie.

The reason Van Gaal said this is Welbeck goal record in the last few seasons. In the past four seasons, including the 2014/2015 season, Welbeck played 84 times in the Premier League, but only able to carve 19 goals.

However, Welbeck reasoned that minimal goal record because he often played as a winger, not a center forward. When playing as a center forward like in England, said Welbeck, his goal record is pretty good.

Since 2011, Welbeck has played 32 times for the Three Lions. Of the dozens of games, he incised 13 goals.

Van Gaal then sell Welbeck to Arsenal. At Arsenal, Welbeck has appeared eight times in the Premier League and scored two goals. Arteta was called, the style of play Welbeck match with Arsenal.