Here to Watch Ball Comfortable

Here to Watch Ball Comfortable

Here to Watch Ball Comfortable

Agen Judi Sbobet How Barcelona fans support their team at the Camp Nou enviable. Both inside and outside the stadium, they showed an attitude that is very obedient to the rules that apply.

As shown in the Barca match against Sevilla at the Camp Nou, Barcelona, Saturday (11/22/2014) at 20:00 local time, where the AFP in the entourage of Indosat Kids Meet Indonesian Messi‘, had the opportunity to directly watch the game.

From the evening before the game began, thousands of Barca fans flock to the Camp Nou. The majority of them came walking into the stadium. They use buses or trains that transport stops at the stop and the nearest station.

Even so, not a few who come by car or motorbike. Even so, there is absolutely no audible roar of vehicle exhaust noise or sound the horn that disturb the ears. Only the sound of the engine and the crystrain support Barca.

Not seen also the congestion caused by the carrier vehicle carelessly ngetem supporters. Area police officers at Camp Nou was even a relatively small number when compared to the thousands of supporters who nearly filled the stadium.

As the game goes, it is the fans Barca often protest and shout protest against the referee’s decision is considered detrimental to the home team. When Barca players fell, the supporters asked the referee gave offense. When given a free kick, they ask Sevilla players are given a card. And so on.

When a player plays the ball Sevilla, which is rarely done in tonight’s game, Barca supporters often give a whistle. But interestingly, when the player Sevilla replaced, such as when Carlos Bacca replaced Iago Aspas, Barca fans were clapping give a mark of respect. Something we rarely see in Indonesia.