Montella: Fiorentina Almost Perfect

Montella: Fiorentina Almost Perfect

Montella: Fiorentina Almost Perfect

Agen Bola Tangkas Fiorentina managed to win over Guingamp in the Europa League match. Over the victory, Vincenzo Montella judge that La Viola play almost perfect.

When diving in Roudourou game, Friday (11/28/2014) pm dawn, Fiorentina quick lead thanks to goals from Marko Marin and Khouma Babacar.

However, the situation becomes complicated when Jose Basanta get a red card. Infringement on Sylvain Marveaux in the penalty box into the cause. Penalty should be given, Claudio Beauvue, managed to become the executor until the score became 2-1.

In the rest of the game, Fiorentina more under pressure. In total there are 14 kick toward the goal Fiorentina. But, there is no goal to fruition.

Problem success besutannya team keep winning, Montella also praised besutannya team.

It was an incredible start, played with incredible speed and intensity. I see a team that is almost perfect, including the approach to the game,” said Montella at Soccerway.

We played a lower tempo, thinking that the game is finished when the score was 2-0, but a penalty and a red card changed the game.”

In the second half, we struggled under pressure. However, in reality there are some golden opportunities. This team has gained tremendous mentality on the European stage, and it is fun.”

It is also important to be able to win the group more quickly,” he added.