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Chelsea draw due to fatigue and Anticipation Jitu Sunderland

Chelsea draw due to fatigue and Anticipation Jitu Sunderland

Chelsea draw due to fatigue and Anticipation Jitu Sunderland

Agen Judi Bola Chelsea in the Premier League speeding precisely matched Sunderland. Former Chelsea player who retired in Ruud Gullit also spoke to mention the result was due to the Blues stumble accurate prediction of fatigue and Sunderland.

Chelsea lost two points in the 13th week. Jose Mourinho‘s team won only a goalless draw in a visit to the headquarters of Sunderland at the Stadium of Light on Sunday (11/30/2014) pm dawn.

Nicks was quite surprising because Chelsea showed their superiority this season. Chelsea are unbeaten with only two games of which draw up to 12 weeks or before the Premier League Sunderland‘s visit to the headquarters.

Gullit assess Sunderland primary key is the manager of the team has predicted Chelsea game displayed. Hence, the team nicknamed Black Cats’ was also successfully blocking the penggawa Chelsea create opportunities goals against them.

It stands to reason they are disappointed with the performance of their own, especially the tactics. All personnel involved in the game is already largely what Sunderland. That’s why the game was easy for them,” said Gullit as quoted Sports Mole.

They had been attempted and performed discipline but can not dictate Sunderland with, You need to present the attacking football‘, because they are not as good as Chelsea.

Chelsea is slow to distance, with no wide and only made six kick right into the goal. Perhaps because they have to play three times a week then a little tired,” explained he.

Throughout the game, Chelsea is only able to make 24 experiments with six of them right towards goal. Though the Blues dominant in possession of up to 66 percent.