Suarez: I made ​​a large contribution Then Up Successful Season Liverpool

Suarez: I made ​​a large contribution Then Up Successful Season Liverpool

Suarez: I made ​​a large contribution Then Up Successful Season Liverpool

Barcelona No doubt that Liverpool’s success last season was a big thanks to Luis Suarez. Therefore Suarez could leave Anfield with a calm heart because he had completed the mission.

In addition to 31 goals which made ​​him top scorer of the Premier League plus bring the Reds almost a Premier champions before eventually had to settle for finishing in second position, Suarez also recorded a number of records okay in the competition last season.

He also made 12 assists, second most after Steven Gerrard, who had 14 assists. Then he makes the most goals from the penalty box 24 goals and 4 goals from counter-attack is the highest in the league.

Then he also became the most tembakanya player hit the post ie 9 times, most often a penalty that is 3 times, and 237 dribel make the most of any other player.

So normal that many parties felt Suarez was Liverpool’s key looks sensational last season that finish the season with a total of 101 goals. Duet with Daniel Sturridge became a terror to the opponent’s defense.

Unfortunately 2013/2014 season finished last season Suarez redred uniform and he had to move to Barcelona. This move also so cover Uruguayan footballer’s transfer saga that has been going on in the past 1-2 years.

Suarez‘s departure also adversely effect for Liverpool who started this season with a limp. No doubt this increasingly stressed how important the role of Suarez last season, though can not be forgotten also how the appearance of his teammates plus concoction Brendan Rodgers as manager.

Personal success is certainly good and makes you happy, because it is an appreciation for the good work you’ve done,said Suarez as reported Soccernet.

But I put the team last season and Liverpool were almost became champions of the Premier League, where it will be something very spectacular. I appreciate the hard work of the entire team., But I had missed six games and scored all the goals in the Premier League without a single derived of the penalty, he continued.

I really could leave this club with joy because if I do not have the mental attitude and to lead the team last season, I pkir Liverpool will not perform as good as it was. Enacting Liverpool into the Champions League again is one of the other targets,” said he.