Saha: There Mutualistic Symbiosis Falcao and MU

Saha: There Mutualistic Symbiosis Falcao and MU

Saha: There Mutualistic Symbiosis Falcao and MU

Manchester Former Manchester United striker Louis Saha assess the presence of symbiotic mutualism in recruitment Radamel Falcao by the ‘Red Devils’. Falcao is believed to be more moncer, MU front line even more frightening.

Falcao officially become a Manchester United player on loan a few hours before the closing of the summer transfer window. The Red Devils bring in Falcao is not for free but with a nominal value of £ 6 million.

Saha ever at MU in season 2004 to 2008 was to assess the recruitment of cooperation will be okay for both parties. Win-win cooperation is referred to as symbiosis mutualism.

The agreement between Falcao to Manchester United into something sweet, good for Falcao or Manchester United,” said Saha told Sky Sport.

There is no doubt that he will succeed at Manchester United. He was a top scorer, striker diligent, and knows how to create space and a player who is difficult to be intercepted.

He has a special instinct like that of the great attackers. Was something that I did not have. I can score but I do not remotely comparable to him,” explained the French striker.

Well, with a line of the capital owned Falcao, MU moncer could return this season. Especially will grow stronger in the front lines.

I think Rooney, Van Persie, and Falcao can play in the same position, but depending on Louis van Gaal in the decision,” he said.

I can see Rooney play more to the left, Van Persie in the middle, and maybe Di Maria on the right side, and of course Falcao as a bomber.

It’s a frightening front line and I can not wait to see it,” he said.